Monday, November 28, 2011

Elements of JMeter

Now we will learn what are the Elements of JMeter and why they are there in JMeter.

Elements of JMeter:

v     Test Plan
v     Thread Group
v     Controllers & Samplers
v     Listeners
v     Timers
v     Assertions
v     Configuration tool
v     Pre-processor elements
v     Post-processor elements

v     Test Plan describes a series of steps JMeter will execute when run.

v     Thread Group elements are beginning points of any Test Plan. Everything must be under Thread Group.

v     Types of Controllers:-
Ø      Samplers
Ø      Logical Controllers

Ø      Samplers tell JMeter to send a request to a server and wait for response.
                                            e.g. HTTP Request sampler.

Ø      Logical Controllers let you customize the logic that JMeter uses to decide when to send requests.

v     Listeners provide access to the information JMeter gathers about the Test cases while JMeter runs.

Ø      Graph Result Listener plots the response time on graph.
Ø      View Result Tree shows details of sampler request and response.

v     Timers are useful to specify a delay between requests send (to thread group).

v     Assertions allow you to assert facts about responses received from the server being tested. Using Assertion, you can essentially test that the application is giving result that we expect.

v     Configuration element works same as samplers but does not send request. It can modify/add requests.

v     Pre-processor executes some action prior to a sampler request being made.

Post-processor is not often used to process the response data, often to extract values from it.

I hope the above information of the elements is quite enough to start with JMeter.
Now we will get into each element, in depth, later.


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