Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Building a Test Plan

Now in this post we will learn how to build a test plan in JMeter, in brief.
This will be just a basic way to build a simple test plan.

Ø      Adding Elements : Right-Click on an element in the tree and choose new element from ‘Add’ list. We can also load elements from a file and add by choosing ‘merge’ or ‘open’ option.

Ø      Removing Elements : Right-Click on the element to be removed and select ‘remove’ option.

Ø      Loading Elements : To load an element from file, right click on the existing tree element to which you want to add the loaded element, and select the "merge" option. Choose the file where your elements are saved &click on ‘Open’ button. JMeter will merge the elements into the tree.

Ø      Saving Elements : Right-Click on the tree elements that you want to save and choose ‘Save Selection As ...’. JMeter will save the element selected, plus all child elements beneath it.

Ø      Configuring Elements : Any element in the test tree will present controls in JMeter's right-hand frame. These controls allow you to configure the behavior of that particular test element.

Ø      Saving the Test Plan : To save the Test Plan, select ‘Save’ or ‘Save Test Plan As ...’ from the File menu.

Ø      Running a Test Plan : To run your test plan, choose ‘Start’ from the ‘Run’ menu item. When JMeter is running, it shows a small green box at the right hand end of the section just under the menu bar. The numbers to the left of the green box are the number of active threads / total number of threads.

 This is the way we basically built a simple test plan in JMeter.
Now work it out on JMeter to know it better.


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