Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recording a Test Plan

In this post we will learn how to record a test plan in JMeter.
Follow the steps below. I have kept it in simple and interactive way, so follow each step following the screen to cross-check with yours.

1] Go to jakarta-jmeter-2.5.1 > bin > ApacheJMeter (Executable Jar File)


    Go to jakarta-jmeter-2.5.1 > bin > jmeter.bat (Windows Batch File)
     You will get started to JMeter Screen.

2] Add Thread Group
                        Right Click on Test Plan > Add > Threads (Users) > Thread Group

3] Add HTTP Request to the Thread Group 
            Right Click on Thread Group > Add > Sampler > HTTP Request

            A HTTP Request element will be added below Thread Group in element tree and now Add the Server Name or IP as “

4] Add Recording Controller to the Thread Group
                     Right Click on Thread Group > Add > Logic Controller > Recording Controller

5] Add Proxy Server to the Workbench
                  Right Click on Workbench > Add > Non-test Elements > HTTP Proxy Server

6] On HTTP Proxy Server, click 3 times the “Add” button in “URL Patterns to Exclude”. This will          create 3 blank entries.
                  Enter “.*\.png” pattern, “.*\.gif” pattern and “.*\.ico” pattern

   Add Listener View Results Tree
              Click on Thread Group > Add > Listener > View Results Tree

7] Now Start the HTTP Proxy Server

8] Now go to Mozilla Firefox and type

9] Now Login in as a user and do some actions on the Mozilla Firefox and just logout and Stop the recording from proxy server in JMeter and then the recordings would be generated as a script in the JMeter Window.

10] Applying Load :
            Select Thread Group
            Number of threads – enter 5
            Ramp up period – do not change
            Loop count – 5

11] At this point, we are ready to run our test plan and see what happens. But first Save the test   plan. When you're ready to run the test, there's two ways:
            Run menu > Start          OR
            Ctrl + R
While the test is running, in the upper right-hand corner, there should be a green square.
When the test is done, the box should be grey.

12] Now check the results of the script which we just run in the “View Results Tree” element below Thread Group element.

This is the way we record a test plan in JMeter. I hope you will not get any problems in recording if you follow all steps in flow.


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  4. Latest JMeter 2.9 has some updated in HTTP Proxy: now there is no need to add manually URL Patterns to exclude. HTTP Proxy has button "Add suggested Excludes", which are configured in - by default - "proxy.excludes.suggested=.*\.js;.*\.css;.*\.swf;.*\.gif;.*\.png;.*\.jpg;.*\.bmp"
    Some other updates desribed in post Jmeter 2.9 - What's new?

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