Thursday, December 1, 2011

Configuring the Browser (Mozilla Firefox)

Now when we all know the basics of JMeter, lets workout with the tool practically and record a test plan.
For recording we will be using any of the public site and a Mozilla Firefox browser.
But before we record we need to configure the browser...
Follow the following steps for configuration:

  • Start Mozilla Firefox
  • From the tool bar, Click Tools > Options
  • An Options window will open.
  • Select “Advanced tab” and “Network tab” from that window.

  • Click on “settings…” button and “connection settings” window will open.
  • On the new popup, check “Manual proxy configuration”. The address and port fields should be enabled now.
  • Address – enter “localhost” or the IP address of your system.
  • Port – enter “8080”.
  • Check “Use this proxy server for all protocols”

  • Click “ok” button
  • Click “ok” button again. This should return you to the browser

Now your browser is capable of recording test plan.
At this point now we are ready to record using Mozilla Firefox browser.
In this way we configure our browser to record with JMeter.


  1. Hi Mahesh,

    what about if I must have to pass through proxy option "automatic proxy configuration url" in to browser network settings. because for this way only i can access external websites (i.e not in intranet) there any solution for this?

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  3. I can not access the internet when i did these settings. I am new user can anybody help me?

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